We supply all kind of cell phone parts, phone lcd screen display is main percentage , so we set the domain name lcdscreendisplay.com . Eachway and fixparts are our parts of brand.

We know that there are numerous “grades” of screens available. Customers are often confused because each supplier has a unique method for grading their screens. At lcdscreendisplay, we offer two different grades of screens. Grade A and Premium. While both are high quality, the main difference between the two is the quality of the LCD. The Premium quality is the highest quality LCD available in the market today.

We know the importance of providing quality replacement parts to our customers. The majority of our customers are small businesses which rely on lcdscreendisplay to supply only high quality parts. If we provide low quality parts to our customers then not only will it hurt our customers business, but also reflect bad on our company. All phone parts are tested one by one by our staff to ensure quality control. We will never sacrifice providing a lower quality part to earn an extra dollar.
Lcdscreendisplay only stocks the highest quality repair parts available on the market. We are based on Shenzhen, China. Our parts are sourced from top manufacturers here, and hand-tested and inspected multiple times for quality assurance. We stand behind the quality of our products with a lifetime warranty on all products. Unfortunately if you are in the market for low quality refurbished screens, we do not provide that.

Yes, sure. We would love to. All you have to do is show us the product images as well as the description. It may take some time.

Yes, for most products on lcdscreendisplay.com. Please contact us or your sales representative to check with the details.